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    Spanish One to One Online lessons


    Spanish One to One Online lessons


    Acerca de este curso

    Spanish is a difficult language, especially for non-Latin native speakers. On the other hand, Spanish is the third language with the most speakers in the world and the second with the most native speakers. 437 million people have it as their mother tongue and it is becoming more and more used in business and on Internet.


    At Hugo’s Academy we are specialists in ONLINE teaching Spanish as foreign language. Whether you are beginner or you want to improve your spanish for business we will helpyou in our One to One classes.

    Wherever you are, anywhere in the world, you can study Spanish with us in One to One classes and achieve your goals quickly.

    This is not a self-service course. You will have a real teacher in one-to-one video-conference lessons,  one, two or three hours a week. Nor videos or youtubes … a teacher online with you.

    Learning a language is not about studying, listening or writing checkbox exercises. All these practices are necessary, but learning a language is about speaking. Repeat, correct, repeat, correct … until the grammar construction is internalized so you don’t thing what you say, you just say it correctly.

    It looks boring, but it’s not. You will find it very satisfying as you improve more and more.

    • Monday to Friday from 9:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT
    • Saturday from 9:00 GMT to 13:00 GMT
    • One to One ONLINE lesson
    • 18
      • 1 hour lesson
      • One to One Online class


    Profesora de Lengua y Literatura (bilingue Inglés)

    Profesor de Primaria

    Maestra de Primaria

    Profesor de Latín y Griego

    Profesora de Español para extranjeros

    Profesora de Español para extranjeros

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